It is about 10 km from Da Lat city center, go along highway 20 to Trai Mat church, then turn left to a path, that is the way to Tiger Cave waterfall.


Going through winding paths, under pine trees, gentle slopes, crowded tree roots, tourists will hear the sound of waterfall in distance. The space here is separated from the noise of urban.  The path is cooled by the sunlight penetrating through leaves.


After wading through a small stream of pure water, you come to the head of the waterfall, then going down to cement stairs, dense trees on two sides. Coming to the foot of waterfall, vapour spreads as fog that is cold and wet. Looked up from the foot of the waterfall, it likes a column of white water pouring down from the high mountain.


The waterfall is described as in 25 meters high and10 meters wide. In rainy season, abundant water, the waterfall spreads to 5 meters wide. In dry season, the waterfall is narrower but still pours down with rapid speed creating patches of white foam and spills on big granite boulders beneath the waterfall’s foot. The landscape around the waterfall is still pristine: pine forest on high hills, deep valley with dense plants, trees and its branches interwove so that sunlight can not penetrate. Without concrete stairs leading down to the waterfall, it is easy to think this place is an untouched one.


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